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Since its inception in 2002, the company has witnessed constant expansion of the production scale and the diversification of sales network, and exports its products to America, Brazil, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. As the largest and strongest manufacturer of tyre curing bladders, the company, under the intensive development philosophy of taking technology as the guidance and innovation as the motive power, constantly reinforces the research and development of new technologies, new products and new processes. The high-heat conductivity curing bladder and nano bladder independently developed by the company greatly improves all technical parameters of bladder, enriches technical content of the bladder and greatly pushes forward development of tyre curing bladder industry.

In the development process, the company insists on being people-oriented and attaches importance to the training and learning mechanism of staff. It gives regular training to staff on aspects such as enterprise culture, builds “family” atmosphere of the enterprise, and fosters the identity sense and belonging sense of staff to the “family”. The company takes all kinds of measures to retain excellent workers at the first line so that they can make greater contribution to the enterprise besides self realization to a larger extent.

In line with the business philosophy of “Technology Drives Progress, Quality Creates Advantages, Brand Wins Benefits”, the company, with customer demand as the guidance, customer service as the center, and the development goal of “Build an Internationally First-Rate Manufacturer of Tyre Curing Bladders”, is willing to cooperate with tyre enterprises at home and abroad for a bright future under the spirit of “Honest, Devoted, Enterprising, Innovative”!

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