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Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd.
Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd.

SINCE 2002

Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd. is a world famous manufacturer of tyre curing bladders. The company mainly produces tyre bladders of more than 200 specifications, such as diagonal tyre curing bladders, radial ply tyre curing bladders, engineering tyre curing bladders, motorcycle tyre curing bladders, refurbished tyre bladders, radial ply diagonal tyre forming turn-up bladders and gluing bladders.

  • 2002

    Company was founded on

  • 1100


    More than 1100 specifications

  • 100


    Annual production of 1 million


Founded in 2002, Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd. is a world famous manufacturer of tyre curing bladders. 




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17 2016-04

Stand at a new starting point and meet new challenges

The depth of history, created a new height of cooperation! Where are we from now? Where are we going? Reform and Opening Up Today, we need to take a long history of history to work together today. Fr
05 2016-07

Shanghai Seventh fairs

Shanghai Seventh fairs
17 2016-05

Small town, "all the world's tires" Dream

Small town, "all the world's tires" Dream


Passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.


Learning,Virtue,Sincerity,Noble Speech,Noble Behavior


To great, to break new ground, create a better future

Quality comes from faith, profession creates demand

Since the company was established in 2002, the scale of production has been continuously expanded, the sales network has been diversified, and the products have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. Focusing on the development goal of "creating a century-old enterprise", we are willing to work hand in hand with domestic and foreign tire companies with the spirit of "honesty, dedication, pioneering and innovative" to draw up a beautiful blueprint!

Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd.
Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd.

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Yongyi Rubber Co., Ltd.

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